Are you unsure which veterinary clinics in Abu Dhabi will give your furry friends the love and respect they deserve? Come to Welfare Veterinary Clinic in Abu Dhabi, our veterinarians have been helping animals live long, healthy and happy lives.

Our experts have the experience and training to deal with your pets. What’s more, our animal clinic offers a vast selection of services including:

  • Vaccination: Our veterinarians can give you personalized advice concerning vaccines for your pet. Remember, vaccines are highly important as they protect animals against deadly diseases such as parvovirus and Rabies
  • Dental care: We can treat a variety of common oral problems such as gingivitis, tooth decay and inflammation
  • Flea control: Whether you’re looking to prevent or treat fleas, our experts can prescribe a variety of effective, safe and easy-to-use pest treatments, like spot-on products.
  • Spaying and neutering: This procedure is very common and can help prevent behavioural issues and certain types of cancer. We give pets all the love and attention they deserve to make this treatment as stress-free as possible. Our experts administer general anaesthetics so your pet will be comfortable and relaxed at all stages.
  • Surgical care: Our veterinarians specialists offer a wide range of surgical options to patients.
  • Microchipping: Some pets are naturally curious and love to explore the outdoors. The Microchip will help find you the owner in the event your pet goes missing and is brought to any veterinary facility/shelter.


Pet owners love Welfare Veterinary Clinic in Abu Dhabi, not only for our extensive range of treatments, but also for our convenient service. We take the following measures to make our services as accessible as possible:

  • We’re open every day of the week, which means we’ll always be there for you should you need us.
  • We have a diverse team of veterinary staff on hand, including veterinarians, technicians and assistants. This means we can treat your pet efficiently.
    We truly believe that the care and respect your pet needs shouldn’t come at a price. We therefore make it our priority to offer total vet services, but also at a fair, affordable price.

For more information concerning our services, call us today at +971 2 622 5506 or Contact Us

Our team is on hand to keep your pet healthy. We can’t wait to meet you both!